Fitness Club Booking System

In this tutorial we will show how to create a booking system for a Fitness Club. This tutorial is just an example. You can follow the same steps and create booking systems for Universities, Test Centers, Golf Courses, Personal Trainers, Language Schools, Tour Companies and other capacity based scheduling needs.
To define a capacity based booking service will use Class service type. Please see our booking types for details.

Your Business Information

Please click icon to open application settings and define your Site title and description. Your site title and description will be displayed on your public booking page. business information

Create Your Classes

To create your classes you should select Class booking type. class booking type
Click icon and create your classes. For more information about services please see user guide services section.
create class

Define Your Instructors

To define your instructors click Staff tab. define your instructors

Define Your Class Time and Attendees

Now you can create your classes on your calendar and add customers.
To define a class on the calendar:
  • Select a time range define class time
  • Select Booking event type booking event type
  • Select your class (service) select service
  • Define your class capacity class capacity
  • To add customers to your class click Customers button, enter your customer first name and last name and click suggested name. add customers
  • Click Create Event button. create class
  • You can view created class on your calendar. created class

Make a Test Appointment

To make a test appointment follow these steps:
  • Open your public booking page.
  • Select a class. select class
  • When you select a staff you can see available classes belong to the selected staff. select class
  • To attend a class click on it, enter your details and click Book button. book
  • You can login to your application to view the class customers. To view class customers click on class then click Customers button.