Hair & Beauty Salon Booking System

In this tutorial we will show how to create a booking system for a Hair & Beauty Salon. This tutorial is just an example. You can follow the same steps and create booking systems for Health Clinics, Therapists, Photographer, etc.

Your Business Information

Please click icon to open application settings and define your Site title and description. Your site title and description will be displayed on your public booking page. business information

Create Your Services

Click icon and create your services. For more information about services please see user guide services section. create services create service

Create Your Staff

Click icon and open user management dialog to create your staff. create staff

Assign Your Staff to Your Services

Open Staff tab and assign your created staff to your services. assign staff

Make a Test Appointment

To make a test appointment follow these steps:
  • Open your public booking page.
  • Click Services booking type. select booking type
  • Select a service. select service
  • Select your staff. select staff
  • Select a free slot and enter your details. select free slot
  • Click Book to create your appointment. After creating an appointment your selected slot will be reserved and booking notifications will be sent to the customer, staff and admin (salon owner).
    The customer will be saved as a contact in your Contacts.
  • You can login to your application to view the booking in your Calendar, Contacts and Booking applications.
    View booking in your Calendar.
    see booking in calendar
    View booking in your Contacts.
    see booking in contacts
    View booking in your Booking Application.
    see booking in booking