Manage Your Team With Smart PHP Calendar

Smart PHP Calendar has unique and smart features for managing teams and other resources (rooms, cars, persons, etc.). You can view who is working on what and how long in the same calendar or timeline. You can reschedule events with drag&drop feature. Also you can move events easily between users and other resources with drag&drop. With multiple team calendars and event discussions you can manage your team easily.

Create Your Team

To start creating your team click Person icon on status bar (or press u shortcut key). To create a user click or Create User button.

User Calendars

When you create a user a default calendar will be created for this user. You can see created user's default calendar in your User Calendars widget with other users default calendars.
Click icon to see users all calendars.

Smart Timeline

Smart PHP Calendar has a unique Timeline. You can view your users, and all other resources in the same Timeline horizontally or vertically. You can toggle on/off any user calendar on your User Calendars widget. To create an event for a specific user just click user's timeline row and drag your mouse to define event time range. Also you can move events between users with drag&drop.
To view your users schedule vertically please click icon on Timeline button bar. You can view timeline in daily, weekly, monhtly, yearly and custom mode. You can zoom in/out, change timeline intervals, adjust timeline row/column size and show/hide timeline clock. Please see our timeline user guide for more information. You can hover on any event to see event details.

Team Calendars

Team calendars provide an easy way to see and manage common events. Administrators can create team calendars available for all team users. Each user can add events to team calendars and view other users events. Each user can only modify/delete their own events. You can view your team calendar in Team Calendars widget.


You can discuss team calendar events with your team. Each team member can add comment to the team calendar events.

Free Busy View

When you create or modify an event you can view your team's free/busy schedule and plan your event accordingly.
To open free/busy view click person icon () on the right side of the calendar dropdown.