Booking Types


Service booking type is convenient for specific services with their staff. Health Clinics, Beauty & Hair Salons, Personal Trainers, Golf Courses can use Service booking type.
When you use Service booking type you create your services, create staff for your services and define your working hours.
Your customers can view your each staff's schedule then select a free time-slot to make a reservation.


If you want to define your events, classes or courses in a certain time with a specific capacity then you should use Capacity booking type.
Language Courses, IT Courses, Tour Organizations can use Capacity booking type.


Resource booking type is the most flexible booking type. You define your resources and attach one of your personal calendars to this resource.
Your customers can view your resources in our beautiful timeline and select available time range for reservations.
The most important feature of our Resource booking type is your customers can select time-range freely. There is no limitations such as one hour, one day. Your customers selects their desired time range and book. Our application calculates the cost automatically for selected time range.
Hotels, Car Rental Companies and Personal Trainers can use Resource booking type.