Manage Events

Create, Update, Delete Event

To create an event click anywhere on a calendar view or press "c" shortcut key. Also you can select time range with mouse dragging.
To update an event click on the event make your changes then click Save button.
To delete an event click on the event then press Delete button.

Repeating Events

To create a repeating event click Repeat button on the event create or event edit dialog. Here you can define your repeat rules then click Done then create/save your event.

File Attachments

To attach files to your events click File button on event dialogs. Then click Upload button to upload your files. After successful upload click Ok button to save your uploads or click Upload button to upload more files.

Event Comments

Event comments feature is useful for shared and group calendars. You can discuss event with your friends and group users by using comments. To see comments, add a comment or reply to comments click on the event then click Comments button.

Copy Events

To copy an event click on this event then press button on the event dialog then select desired calendar to copy your event.

Rich Text Editor

Rich text editor is useful for beautiful looking event contents especially for public events. Your event descriptions will be shown as you designed in Event Calendar and Public Calendar

Event Image

Event images will be shown on Public Calendar and Event Calendar. To attach an image to an event first you need to upload files to your event (see File Attachments). Then click Image button on event dialog to attach your image to your event.

Customize Event Tooltip

We use templates for event tooltips. To customize event tooltips open "system/apps/calendar/files/templates.php" file and find the following script.
                <script type="text/x-handlebars-template" id="event-popup-dialog-tmpl">
                    <div class='title'>{{title}}</div>
                    <div class='date relative'>
                        <div class='calendar' style='background-color: {{color}};'>{{calendar}}</div> {{date}}
                    <div class='description'>{{description}}</div>
                    {{#if location}}
                        <div class='location'>
                            <label><?php echo Spc::t('location'); ?>:</label> <span>{{location}}</span>
                    {{#if contact_id}}
                        <div class='contact'>
                            <label><?php echo Spc::t('contact'); ?>:</label> <span>{{contact.first_name}} {{contact.last_name}}</span>
                    {{#if service_id}}
                        <div class='booking'>
                            <label><?php echo Spc::t('booking'); ?>:</label> <span>{{serviceName}}, {{bookingDuration}} | {{bookingRevenue}}</span>
You can add any event field with {{event_field_name}} syntax. Please check out our JavaScript API to see available fields.