Smart PHP Calendar has a one-way-sync feature. You can subscribe iCal resources in Smart PHP Calendar or vice-versa.

Subscribe Your Calendars

To subscribe a calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook, etc.) click icon on Other Calendars widget. other calendars Here you can enter your iCal resource address then press Create button. Your events will be imported to Smart PHP Calendar and you will be able to see your imported calendar in Other Calendars widget. sync Your imported event will be refreshed when you login to Smart PHP Calendar. If you want to refresh manually click icon on edit calendar dialog. refresh sync

Subscribe Smart PHP Calendar

To subscribe Smart PHP Calendar in other application click icon on My Calendars widget, open calendar settings then copy your iCal resource address under Export column. Your iCal resource URL will look like this:
You can use this address in your calendar application's (Google, Apple, Outlook, etc.) subscription window and see your Smart PHP Calendar events in your other calendar applications.