Server Requirements


Installing Smart PHP Calendar is very easy. Just follow the instructions below and your calendar will be ready in seconds.
  1. Unzip the Smart PHP Calendar package.
  2. Open config.php and enter your calendar address, database host, username, password, database name and your license key.
        // Domain Name and License Key
        // Exact calendar address
        // example: (without trailing slash)
        define('SPC_ROOT', '');
        // domain name | without protocol (http, https), www and subdomain
        // example:
        define('SPC_DOMAIN', '');
        define('SPC_LICENSE_KEY', 'my-license-key');
        // Database Configuration
        define('SPC_DB_HOST', 'localhost');
        define('SPC_DB_USERNAME', 'root');
        define('SPC_DB_PASSWORD', 'root');
        define('SPC_DB_DBNAME', 'calendar');
  3. Upload Smart PHP Calendar to your server.
  4. If you purchased Contacts, Booking or Tasks & Projects extract them into "smartphpcalendar/system/apps/" folder.
  5. Enter "" in your web browser.
  6. Enter your calendar SuperUser username, password, email and click install.
Smart PHP Calendar Installation

After receiving successful installation message you can login and use your calendar.

User Count

You can create maximum 100 users by default. If you purchased additional user count license you can install your user count license like below:

  1. Login to your client area.
  2. Download your User Count Plugin in your Plugins column.
  3. Extract User Count Plugin to your Smart PHP Calendar's "js" folder.
  4. Add "spc.user-count.js" file before "spc.core.js" file in index.php file.
            <script src="js/spc.user-count.js"></script>
            <script src="js/spc.core.js"></script>